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Strawberry cake is a cake that uses strawberry as a primary ingredient.[1] Strawberries may be used in the cake batter, atop cakes and in a strawberry cake’s frosting. Some are served chilled or partially frozen, and they are sometimes served as a Valentine’s Day dish. The cake has been served as part of the events at the Strawberry Festival in the La Trinidad, Benguet municipality of the Philippines.
Strawberry cakes may be prepared with strawberries in the batter, with strawberries atop them, with strawberries or a strawberry filling in between the layers of a layer cake,and in any combination thereof. Some are prepared with strawberries incorporated into a frosting. Fresh or frozen strawberries may be used. Some may utilize strawberry-flavored gelatin as an ingredient, which can give the cake a pink color when it is mixed in with the batter. A garnish of strawberries is used on some strawberry cakes. Strawberry cake may be prepared as a gluten-free dish.

Some versions are served chilled,and some are frozen and then served in a partially frozen state. Ricotta cheese is sometimes used as an ingredient in the cake batter or as a topping. Strawberry cake is sometimes prepared using a prepared cake mix as a base, such as a white cake mix, upon which additional ingredients are added to the batter or atop the cake. It is sometimes prepared and served as a dish on Valentine’s Day.

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